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Accounting Ratios Formulas:

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  1. Gross profit ratio =  (Gross profit / Net sales) x 100
  2. Net profit ratio =  (Net profit / Net sales) x l00
  3. Operating profit ratio = (Operating profit / Net sales) x 100
  4. Expense ratios = (Individual expenses / Net sates) x 100
  5. Operating (cost) ratio =  (Operating cost / Net sales) x 100
  6. Net profit to net worth ratio = (Net profit after interest and tax / Net worth) x 100
  7. Return on capital employed (ROI) = (Net profit before interest, tax / Capital employed) x 100

  8. Earning per share = net profit available for equity shareholders / Number of equity shares

  9. Dividends per share = Dividend amount / Number of equity shares

  10. Capital employed turnover ratio = Cost of sales / Capital employed

  11. Fixed assets turnover ratio = Cost of sales or sales / Fixed assets

  12. Working capital turnover ratio = Cost of sales or Net sales / Net working capital

  13. Inventory turnover ratio = Cost of goods sold / Average inventory

  14. Debtors (receivables) turnover ratio = Annual net credit sales / Average accounts receivable

  15. Debtors (receivables) collection period = Accounts receivables / Net credit sales per day

  16. Creditors turnover ratio = Net credit purchases / Average creditors

  17. Average credit period = Average account payables / Net credit purchases per day

  18. Current ratio = Current assets / Current liabilities

  19. Quick ratio/Acid test ratio = Quick assets / Current liabilities

  20. Debt Equity Ratio = Total long term debts / shareholder' funds

  21. Debt to net worth = Total long term debt / Shareholder's funds
  22. External-internal equity = External equity / Internal equity
  23. Debt vs. funds = total long term debts / Total long term funds
  24. Debt service ratio = Earnings before interest and taxes / Fixed interest charges
  25. Fixed assets ratio =Net fixed assets / Long-term funds
  26. Solvency (debt to total funds) ratio = Total liabilities / Total assets
  27. Reserves to capital ratio = Reserves / Capital
  28. Capital gearing ratio =Equity / Fixed interest hearing securities
  29. Proprietary ratio = Proprietor's funds / Total assets
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